Saturday, January 30, 2010

let's play house

Tomorrow I'm bound and determined to find Daisy's lost camera. My first stop on a long list of cleaning/organizing duties-under Daisy's bed. It's my only hope at maintaining a decent blog. What kind of blogger would I be without pictures?! A pretty dull one.

I'm excited for this weekend because I get 3 days of pure domestic bliss. I'm gonna try not to get on the computer until chores have been done, and boy do we have plenty! I've been reading the FlyLady book for cleaning inspiration. So, inspired, I will tackle our bedrooms, the kitchen table, the living room, and laundry. I don't believe in God, but pray for me. Jesus, lord have mercy. It's not the cleaning part I despise actually, it's the clutter. The never ending piles of papers and laundry and toys. sigh.

I'll be doing a lot of cooking this weekend too. Over the next 3 days we'll be eating New England clam chowder, homemade bread cones filled with chicken salad with a side of cucumbers and balsamic vinegrette, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and tacos. yum.

Hopefully all the cooking & cleaning will lead to snuggles & family movie time!

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