Thursday, February 18, 2010

promises, promises.

Months before I got my promise ring, I've been daydreaming of getting married.  I can't help it!  I am so in love with the boy, and I am also in love with the idea of getting and being married.  This Valentines Day my sweetie gave me a thoughtful bouquet with roses, lilies, and daisies in it.  But the real present was a big sparkly promise ring!  I'm always scared when people buy me jewelry, because I'm afraid it will be hideous and I'll be forced to wear it all the time.  But Mr. Keelan Cy is really good at picking out jewelry.  I told Daisy that I'm going to wear it on my ring finger and pretend that I'm already married.  She started giggling, but guess what?  It's still on my ring finger.  And to indulge my fantasy further, I've been strolling around the web looking at wedding blogs.  My favorite so far is this awesome circus inspired wedding I saw on OnceWed!

My idea of a perfect wedding would be....
  • small, eco-friendlyish, inexpensive
  • outdoors
  • colorful pendants
  • bubbles, confetti, glitter, sparklers
  • Chinese lanterns
  • lollipops (the big swirly kind)
  • balloons
  • comic book/circus themed!
  • un-traditional dress
  • cupcakes
  • candlelight
  • bbq
  • a kissing booth
  • a photo booth 
  • lots of candy
  • cotton candy & popcorn machines
  • as many homemade elements as possible
  • 100% customized playlist
  • lots of cheap beer and wine
  • board games and disposable cameras on tables
  • picnic blankets
  • a projector playing Iron Man!  (our first date)
  • a little homemade fireworks display
too much?

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