Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"how bad do you really want it?"

 Goodbye Dove chocolate bunnies.  I'll miss you.  Remember when I said I was going to lose at least 20 lbs. before July?  yeah.  I didn't do so hot in March.  If my scale is correct, I did lose about 4 lbs., which isn't bad, but still.  Scarfing down cookie cake and pizza is hardly dieting.  But I have been a good girl with my little Subway lunches (6 inch turkey on Italian herb and cheese, American cheese, lettuce, cucumber, green peppers, lite mayo, apples, and unsweetened iced tea).  4 pounds is 4 pounds.  But when we go to Colorado early July, I want to look hot and not frumpy when I meet KC's friends for the first time.  So I gotta step up my game.  I can eat fairly healthy, but without keeping track of my calories those chocolate bunnies here and there might kill my progress.  Food diaries work.  Counting calories works.  I'll be adding exercise too.  Thanks to the rain, I won't be meeting Sam at 6 am for a jog in the park.  I'm so relieved I get to sleep in tomorrow!  Oh cuss, I was really looking forward to that!  :)



you kill me with these posts! I always smile and giggle through them. you're right 4 lbs is 4lbs and with the weather changing you will be able to run around in the park with the girls, ride bikes etc etc. GOOD going for march, on to april!

coffin confections said...

thanks cyndi! :)