Sunday, April 25, 2010

un éléphant.

Some images are just too precious to slap up on the fridge.  This little gem just kills me!  Kid art is just so sweet and perfect sometimes isn't it?  I just knew this elephant drawing belonged in a frame, but the white background seemed a little dull. So off  we went to Michaels to pick up some scrapbook paper and a pretty silver frame at 40% off.  I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame, cut out the elephant (see the tiny mouse?), and glued it on the pretty background.  In the frame it went, and voila.  Ready for a real wall.  I think I will do more of this with my girls art.  Cut & paste the adorable bits together.  You know how sometimes the little one draws something so perfect that you hold your breath and hope that they are done.....and then they add something else that just well, adds too much?  I love that my girls express themselves through art.  As a mom, you of course have your personal favorites.  The kids do too.  Sometimes their favorites and your favorites aren't the same.  It's funny how Daisy told me that she didn't particularly like that elephant drawing, and that she didn't think it was one of her best.  The elephant is definitely my favorite.  Go figure.

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so cute! definitely worth preserving beyond the fridge.