Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 things

5 Things I am looking forward to: our free and clear lives in 13 years, our trip to colorado, having long hair, getting a letter from my pen-pal, making homemade salsa from our garden veggies

 5 Things I did yesterday: ate lots of strawberries, got a restraining order against my ex-husband, made french toast, took a nice relaxing bath, watched cartoons

5 Things I wish I could do: start over, pause time, work at a bakery and make the same kind of money i do now, open a successful etsy shop, repair things

5 Places I'd like to travel: norway, australia, italy, ireland, japan

5 Cute things I've found online lately:
 this adorable doggie named Kingsley over at the Rockstar Diaries blog
this cheerful orange dress from modcloth
this quirky bride and groom (found at oncewed)
a ferris wheel to store things in a bedroom......genius.  (last 2 images found at weheartit)



reading your blog and looking longly at your bread photo made me think of my 5 favorite smells: bread and cookies baking, fresh citrus, coffee, although it tastes nasty, it smells heavenly, freshly cut wood, and the smoke from a craclking fire in the fireplace.

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