Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I want to learn.

There are so many many things I want to know how to do.  Stuff like this:
  • play the guitar (not really well.  just well enough to feel pretty and sweet singing songs when we're all chilling out at home with a few beers.  I want a cute vintage acoustic.  Nothing fancy.)
  • speak french.  It's a beautiful language.  And it would drive my boyfriend wild.
  • sew.  It's a very practical skill to have.  And also an extremely creative and rewarding one.  I want to make quilts for my family to picnic on, mend my boyfriends favorite shorts, make clothes for my daughters dolls, de-construct and re-construct cute clothes for us girlies, make handmade gifts, and make Halloween costumes, whip up adorable plushies in a flash, and so on and sew on....
  • digital scrapbooking.  Have you seen the stuff you can do with things like Kitchy Digitals?!  If I can learn digital scrapbooking, I'm certain that I can make my blog look exactly how I like, and easily too.
  • sew on my journal pages.  How do people do that?
  • knit better.  Anything beyond a dishrag, a potholder, a barbie blanket, or a scarf is beyond me.  My boyfriend would be very happy if I could learn how to knit a beanie with an arrow on it so he can look like Eng from the Avatar cartoons.  The girls have requested animals.  I want to make Christmas stockings.  Hmm...we'll see.
  • use a digital SLR.  They're so intimidating. 
  • use Photoshop.  I'm pretty sure I would need to know it to do digital scrapbooking, and also photo editing, and blog design.
  • crochet.  I got a book and some hooks a few years ago.  I tried it, but I didn't give it much effort.  People crochet a lot of really cute things.  So that would be nice to know how to do.
  • organize.
The list goes on an on and on.  What do you want to learn how to do?


AmyFlorence said...

Ohh I want to be able to knit properly (I can only manage scarves...) and to crochet... and to use my SLR... sigh! I should really get around to doing something about those!!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

That's so great that you want to learn so many things. I want to take a cake decorating class someday. I also want to learn to French braid hair. Maybe take a cooking class at William-Sonoma with friends or the hubby. I mailed you a letter & just got yours. haha.