Tuesday, September 7, 2010

peace & quiet.

Sometimes I just need peace and quiet.  Sometimes the only way to get it is to go outside.  See, I don't mind white noise at all.  It's actually quite soothing.  It's music I can't stand.  And voices.  Just stop talking.  Just stop.  Noise just drives me crazy sometimes!  I like when things are quiet and still.  Quiet enough to hear yourself think.  To concentrate on breathing.  Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the situation.  Nature has a way of calming me down.  Especially the peace of night.  I like to lay on the driveway and look up at the stars.  To feel the comforting September air wash over me like a soft blanket.  To watch the trees sway in the breeze.  I can't stand all this mess of movement and light.  I just want a still and quiet moment.


Marla Rae Morrison said...

oh i couldn't agree more! nature is my nerve pill! : )

Donna said...

I know what you mean! We all need a little alone time now and again :-)