Thursday, September 2, 2010

procrastination is poision

It is September 1st, and day 1 of Shimelles Learn Something New Every Day journaling class.  I learned my lesson before 9.  It is a lesson I kind of knew already, but it bared it's ugly teeth at us this morning and made me cry.  The first week of school was going great, with a hot healthy home cooked breakfast and fresh new clothes.  As the days went by, we slipped into our old routine of me holding every cute article of clothing up for Daisy to shoot down (while trying to wear the same clothes she did yesterday.), while Lilly is calling from the shower for me to get her her toothbrush, and then a towel, while the eggs are burning and then Daisy can't find her tennis shoes.  I try to not wake my sleeping boyfriend up while I rummage around in the clean clothes basket for matching kid socks, then bring them out and ask for the 3rd time if the girls had brushed their teeth.....noticing Daisy is still in yesterdays clothes.  I pack the girls lunches while they eat and ask me to pack this or that or take out this from their lunch.  Always, when we are all set and good to go, something is forgotten.  A lunch box or a library book or socks, " I'll just run in and get it really quick."'s never really quick.  Then we are late and I have to debate weather I want to have a tardy on their attendance records (for fear of awesome ex-husbands using them in court) or be the descent good mother I want to be and take responsibility for being late.  We go in and sign the book, get passes from the office, and I write notes to teachers.  One of those mornings.  I knew this was the lesson that was going in my journal.  To be fair, I observed opportunities for learning throughout the day, but none were as good a lesson.  So there you have it.
After work and school, we went through clothes, did unexpected math homework, organized dressers, and picked out clothes (complete with underwear and socks!) for the rest of the week.  We packed up library books and important folders, and gave tennis shoes a proper home in their closet.  I thought about procrastination this tonight while in the shower, and decided to pay some bills online before creating a journal page.  This all makes for a long night, but if the next day is stress free, I'll be as happy as a clam.


Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Nice art journaling. Love the colors!!!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

oh and pick clothes out night before!!! saves some of the rushing around in the morning arguments.