Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

I've seen people all over blogland doing these "10 Things I Love" things, so I thought it would make a fun post.  I may or may not be doing these every Tuesday, because collecting 10 photos and links and such takes a lot of time.   I do love how it turned out though, ...so fun!  

So without further ado, my 10 things:

1.  Kids that love coffee (decaf, only on occasion) and art journaling.
2.  Houses that are decorated for Halloween, or at least Fall (a rarity these days).
3.  Baking chocolate chip cookies.
4.  Looking out the back door and noticing a heart shaped shadow made by a leaf on a tree.
5.  Hot chocolate.
6.  Candles all over the house that even make bottles of Windex prettier.
7.  Jeremy Larson's new album, which you can buy at Red Velvet Art.
8.  Coffee.  I'm obsessed.
9.  Knitting with alpaca wool.
10.  My new journal pages that I am creating for Janel's I Heart Fall class (which you can find a link to in my sidebar).

* the Halloween house is from Pottery Barn, the coffee is from We Heart It, all the rest are mine, or have been linked.

What are you loving right now?  I'd love to know (and welcome links to your 10 things)!

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ckscribbles said...

I think your 10 things are absolutely adorable!