Friday, December 10, 2010

more elf on the shelf ideas.......(for our frosty)

 I wanted to have a list of ideas for this year and next year to have on hand, all in one place.  These ideas aren't all mine, but they are the ones I like best.........
* adding green food coloring to the toilet water, and unraveling the toilet paper.  also, frosty writing his name in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, and leaving new holiday body wash and loofas!
* frosty hiding in the freezer (because it reminds him of his cold home in the North Pole), possibly perched on top of a brand new box of Klondike bars or something fun like that.
* staging frosty and some barbies in a cotton ball "snowball" fight
* frosty bringing us Elf (the movie)
* finding frosty has taken our car for a spin.....(finding the car parked backwards and frosty perched up on lots of pillows behind the steering wheel)
* finding frosty hugging a can of fake snow and noticing all of the windows have been sprayed with it!!!!
* frosty bringing us Frosty brand sodas
* frosty making snow angels with flour on the counter
* frosty bringing two girl elves back with him from the North Pole found in the girls stockings
* frosty found on the couch with popcorn and the remote and Christmas movies out
* frosty found with a parachute, stuck in a tree, not able to quite make it back in on time
* found in a wet shower, with a tiny towel around him, and finding Christmasy stuff drawn all over the shower walls with bath crayons
* frosty found on top of the oven with fresh cookies made
* frosty found with my knitting needles, wrapped in a little scarf for himself
* frosty found drunk
* finding frosty amongst a box of crayons holding a picture he colored of himself
* frosty popping up out of our gingerbread house chimney

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LunieBin said...

I must get my children the Elf on The Shelf..I love all of your ideas.........It is such a fun holiday thing to do......So, how have you been..Are you all ready for the holidays? I am sorry I haven't written lately, it has been crazy here......I will very soon though...I miss our communication back and forth......What projects are you working on?