Monday, December 6, 2010

What is "elf on the shelf"?

We named our Elf on the Shelf Frosty

Reindeer food for Elf on the Shelf

"Elf on the Shelf" is a little vintage inspired elf (with a felt body and a plastic head) that sits perched up on a shelf in your house.  You can purchase an Elf on the Shelf book/elf at Barnes & Noble, and probably other retailers, but that is where Gramma got the girls their elf.  The book tells the story of the elf, who comes to visit your family each holiday season.  He sits on your shelf politely watching your behavior all day, and at night he flies to the North Pole to report back to Santa weather you've been bad or good.
  Elves are mischievous little things though.  They often don't climb back up on to the shelf where they belong.  Elves have been found hanging out in Christmas trees, perched up on pillows and found behind the steering wheel of the car (which has been mysteriously parked the opposite direction or even all the way down the street!), families have found green "elf pee" in their toilet in the morning along with paper trailed around the bathroom, elves have made elf sized snow angels (made out of flour) on the counter....elves have been found "drunk" (passed out with beer bottles around them), one elf hung a childs undies on the Christmas tree!  It has been made known to me (by my children of course) that if you are really good your elf will bring back a girl from the North Pole with him!!
We the girls named our elf Frosty.  Mommy didn't know the full extent of the Elf on the Shelf magic yet, so our elf hasn't gotten into too many adventures yet.  Mommy didn't know that she had to talk to the elf so that he would be more comfortable around us, and wander away from his shelf.  Now mommy knows.  Frosty has already brought us back some Reindeer Food (oatmeal with sprinkles and colored sugar).  Tonight our elf Frosty is sitting among our twinkly pink Christmas tree.  Tomorrow he might pee in our toilet!!
     Oh, and I must mention that if the children mustn't touch the elf or the elf's magic might go away and he won't be able to fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa if they've been bad or good, and so Santa might think that the children have forgotten about him.  Parents can touch the elf though.
  You can find ideas for your elf on the shelf here and here.
I browsed Etsy today looking for cute vintage elf friends, and there are plenty.  Frosty plans on bringing back two girls (one for each of ours), and putting the girl elves in their stockings!!
  I think our elf will bring the girls the "Elf" movie (we've been wanting to see it, and how fitting would that be?!).....and I remember seeing Frosty brand colas at the grocery store...Frosty may have to show up with some of those for us too.  Thanks Gramma.....this is going to be fun!
  Do you guys have Elf on the Shelf?  What kinds of trouble has your elf gotten into?  What gifts has he brought you?  I'd love to hear your Elf on the Shelf ideas and stories!!!!


Becky said...

Kaiya has had her elf for a couple of years. She loved the movie Elf and named her elf on a shelf after the character in that movie. His name is Buddy. I didn't know about some of this other stuff like reindeer food and girl elves though. I'm going to have to check into that. Thanks!

Elis said...

That is SO CUTE! My little girl is much too old for that now, though. :/

Jamie said...

Ooo I have never heard of "elf on a shelf" but this is adorable! When I have kids I definitely want to do this, I love all the mischief the elf gets into. That'd be so fun!

missy said...

So glad to have another elf join the family : ). Our elf "Oliver" has been found in the driver seat of the girls' Barbie cars and really hiding in something like a boot or the Christmas stockings. Elves are like that! Maybe Oliver and Frosty will find each other one night at the North Pole and let each other know that they are staying at cousin's houses!

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