Sunday, January 16, 2011

go on more dates.

go on more dates i am madly in love with my boyfriend, and we spend so much time together, but we rarely go on proper dates.  we've been together for almost 3 years, and while i still enjoy his company, we have settled into a comfort zone that does not include dressing up or going out.  i love and cherish our cozy "stay home" time, with it's jammies, movies, and pizza, but it would be really nice for us to hold onto that intoxicating feeling that comes from trying to impress one another & connecting on a deeper level.  it doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we are having fun, looking as attractive as possible, flirting, and connecting without distractions.  these are some dates i want to try in 2011........
shooting range
putting together a puzzle
a little road trip
park picnic
long nature walks
painting together
cooking together
going to new local restaurants
going to a thrift store and spending $5 on each other
playing a fun video game together
do a d.i.y. project together
go to the library and research about a different country (vacation ideas!)
learn a foreign language
visit a planetarium
go horseback riding
visit a little nearby town
go to a museum 
sit at a coffee shop
go hiking
go on a bike ride
teach each other things we know (like knitting/learning how to drive a stick shift)

I'm excited to try new cute little dates like this.  Got any more ideas??


Jamie said...

A. I love your journal page, so cute!
B. My boyfriend and I, almost since we've been together have had a set in stone "date night". Every Thursday we either go out to eat or order in and watch a movie. I love all your ideas for things to do on dates, I might have to steal some of them =)

Little Wonder Lauren said...

I've been wanting to go take a dance class with my husband, although I have yet to convince him that this would be like "exercise," only more fun. Maybe try learning to salsa?

Elis said...

I love this!! It's adorable. ♥

Donna said...

Good idea! I think I might try writing a list too, we also never go out on "proper dates" so it would be nice to schedule some date time!