Thursday, February 17, 2011

friday favorites.

Happy Friday pals.  I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite things in one post for your viewing pleasure.  The weather is gorgeous, and I am so ready for spring.  Enjoy your weekend! xo.


*milkmaid braids*
Danielle, over at Sometimes Sweet has a really adorable tutorial up on her blog.  So cute.
*orange lipstick*
This is a big make-up trend for spring, and while it sounds a little crazy, I think it's really fun and pretty.  If you do a Google image search for 'orange lipstick' you will see that a lot of celebrities and models have rocked it without looking like a granny gone wild.
*wavy hair*
I broke up with my flat iron to have a spring fling, and maybe even a summer romance with my natural texture.  Curls and waves are so refreshing.  I've fallen.  Hard.
*snakes*We can't have a real one right now.  But I'm kind of obsessed with them at the moment.
*sparkly hair pins*
Sue, from Giant Dwarf, models this dreamy star sparkler for your hair.  I love her barrettes and headbands.  They are truly special, especially the German Glass Glitter ones.  A treasure.

 *retro photo love*
Photographer Irina Werning has a cool Back to the Future project that you should definitely check out.  It makes me want to recreate one of my childhood photos asap.


Rachele said...

I like it all! I have been going wavy too :) So TIRED of flat-ironing!


Brina said...

I really dig those braids. I want to do a loose, wispy braid for my wedding this summer. Maybe something like that tutorial. :)

Also, LOVE the boho waves! I have naturally curly hair, and I think more people need to embrace their natural hair. :) Good picks!

Jamie said...

Yay for snakes!! I have a pet corn snake named Seraphim, I've had her for almost 11 years! My bf has a red tailed boa and a ball python too. I'm allergic to all things fuzzy, cute and cuddly so snakes were a obvious option <3

Nicole Coffin. said...

Yay! I'm so glad everybody liked my pics. I'm definitely going to do more posts like this, because I think people really enjoy seeing fun, pretty, and inspiring things. Thanks to everyone who takes a minute to browse through my humble little blog. You guys inspire me to find the awesome little bits in life, and share them! This is why I blog! :)

Nicole Coffin. said...

Brina, that would be the most beautiful wedding hair. So exciting!
Rachelle, I can not tell you how tired I am of conforming into everyone else's idea of beauty. Natural hair is so liberating. Your hair always looks cute.
Jamie, I'm so jealous that you have a snake! I like the little guys the best. They're so gorgeous, like art. My puppy and kitties would eat a snake for lunch though. :(