Tuesday, February 8, 2011

girl crush + giveaway...

Probably the most frequently viewed blog by me is Rachel Denbow's blog, Smile & Wave.  I'm pretty sure I found out about her through Elsie Flannigan's blog, A Beautiful Mess, a long time ago (like this time last year when I first started blogging.).  I have been in awe of Elsie's little world since I found out about blogs last year.  She seemed to have this crazy cult follwing of cute crafty bloggers my own age from all over the place.  I've always loved reading about independent artists.  Adorable girls who love vintage and paint.  I loved checking in to her Red Velvet Art online shop, where she sold precious handmade goods made by herself, and friends of Red Velvet.  Her sister Emma's blog, From Scratch,  is my ultimate go to for amazing comfort food recipes.  I have taken her scrapbooking e-course, which you can find a link to on my sidebar, which was jam packed with tons of inspiring ideas.
 But enough about Elsie.  I gravitate towards Rachel so much more, because she's more like me.  For one thing, she's a mom.  That reason alone has a strong pull for me.  But she's so much more than that.  I completely adore her color choices.  I'm in love with her blog design.  The warm vintagey colors just turn my heart to butter.  I get a happy vibe from Rachel. with her springy curls and hip little family.  I can tell that crafting and creating and collecting vintage are very much alive in her corner of the world.
The exciting news is that she has put together a sewing class with beginners in mind!  This is an e-course, which is neat, because with all of us having lots and lots to do, there are no time restrictions on finishing projects.  It's totally work at your own pace.  I can not think of anyone else I would rather have be my modern sewing teacher.  She's got that modern retro cool girl vibe, but she seems totally down to earth.  I have a feeling she won't be making me feel stupid in her class.
I have known about her class for a little while now, holding out because the budget is tight for my family right now.  I was really excited to find out that she is offering 3 spots in her Modern Patchwork e-course for free.  Giveaway details and e-course details can be found here.  You'll have to hurry up an sign up for the giveaway fast though, ...she is choosing the winners today!  So hurry on over to her blog and see what all this fuss is about.  If I don't win, I am without a doubt going to sign up for this e-course as soon as funds are replenished.  You should too.  :)

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I love your blog!!!!:) But how can i follow you?