Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day

I hope cupid shoots you lots of Valentine goodness today.  Honestly, I'm really not feeling the whole Valentines Day production this year. KC and I have decided not to do gifts this year, and I could really care less.  I'll try to look extra pretty, and we'll eat some chocolate and call it a day.  Valentines Day is just weird.  It used to really mess with me a lot.  I would get all sad or excited or nervous.  Now, it's like, I don't want somebody to buy me something because they have to.  I also don't want to dream up some ridiculously fantastic fantasy complete with a dozen white long stem roses wrapped in mint colored tissue paper that arrive in a box, or a sparkly engagement ring following a magical proposal, or perhaps walking into the bedroom and finding these chocolates & a perfect dress (in a box of course) ...and having KC (already wearing a suit) walk in to say, "darling, why don't you get all dolled up, and I'll take you out on the town."  Not that I think about silly things like that of course! geez. 

I'll just be happy with construction paper hearts and a "Mommy you look really pretty"; a couple dove dark chocolate w/ almond squares and a fresh organic pear, and the same old sappy loving stare & kiss that makes me feel like the only woman alive.  I treasure the real presents I get every single day from the ones that love me most. 

I've made it through a lot of Valentines Day emotions, from happy to sad to lonely.  V day is stupid if you have to work.  It's embarrassing at best, and depressing at worse.  My advice to anyone hung up on the big day is to just let it go.  You will feel so relieved when you do.  And chocolate makes everything better.  Indulge in the things that make you happy today.  ....and tell someone you love them (even if that someone is yourself. or your cat).

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Cheray said...

Happy Valentines Day lovely!
Sorry I've been away for a while - I owe you mail