Monday, March 21, 2011

29 before 30

29 before 30

I wanted to share my "29 before 30" birthday goal list.  I'm sure you've seen tons of bloggers do these types of lists.  Basically it's a list of 29 things I want to do before I turn 30.  I tried to keep my list simple, because that comes down to doing an average of 2 things per month.  Not so accomplishable if you aim too high.  That said, I hope I will be able to cross off all of the things on my list before I turn 30.  I wanted too keep this list fun and happy.  Of course, there are a lot of goals I have for myself this year that are not so playful, like organizing and such (which I'm actually starting to look at differently--it can be fun.  It's one step closer to painting and decorating after all!).  So there you go.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my silly dreams.  Actually, it's really kind of important to do things like this.  It keeps your heart happy in this tough world we live in.  Happy dreaming friends!


Heather said...

great list! quite a lot I could do with adding to that type of list myself, like penpalling, reading more, saving money, organising my scrap room etc etc good mix of fun and "really need to get this done" stuff :)

Nicole Coffin. said...

Oh, I want to do all that too Hearher! :)

Katie said...

I like that some of your stuff is easy, like having a park picnic but some of it will take work, like learning French. I should make one of these lists, it's a great idea.

dianna said...

Love this post!
If I make a list (and I should) a lot of these same things would be on it : )

Nicole Coffin. said...

To Katie & Dianna, you definitely should make this list. Let me know when you do! I love reading them!!

Cheray said...

I love it! More then half the things on your list are on my list too! :)
I need to get started on some lists (& I still owe you a letter! I just bought some lovely polaroid cards so you're on the top of my list lovely!)