Thursday, March 24, 2011

red hair.

KC: I don't think I like red hair anymore.
Me: what?!
KC: it's everywhere these days. It's not unique anymore. When I see a natural redhead I think, cool. Awesome. But all these girls that dye their hair's so fake and artificial looking. I like a natural look.
KC: not YOU. I like you.
Me: you have my wheels turning in my head like, ...I don't want you to have a huge crush on some girl because she has pretty hair.
KC: oh, like I'm some huge hair fetishist or something! It's ME. Your hair looks good. You already know what I want(ed) to see you do with your hair (grow out my natural color).
Me: yeah, that's probably not gonna happen. The only way that's gonna work is if I get a pixi cut and start over, which I'm not ready to do yet.
Me: now you've got me thinking about dying my hair all over again & what a hassle it'll be.
KC: don't do anything crazy.


Jamie said...

oh snap, I have red in my hair too!!
sometimes i wish I had the courage to just bleach it a real light, light blonde...marilyn monroe style.
It's never happened tho =(

Nicole Coffin. said...

I love being red! I highly advise NOT to all over bleach your hair. It will ruin it. From a hairstylists standpoint, it is rare that you will actually achieve a beautiful platinum color. Even if you can get it to the desired level, it almost always feels like straw. Plus, the maintenance is a bitch! I speak from personal experience too. It can be super duper fun to be bleach blonde, but I only kept it for a few weeks because it looked so crazy fake. People stare! I've been paying for that lapse of judgement for 2 years now. Nursing crispy hair back to health is not an easy process. That's funny you mention Marilyn Monroe. We have a poster of her on a wall in our bedroom. You know how girls crazily analyse little random comments their guys make? I've noticed a few praises for blondes lately. I think he's just having a blonde moment!

Jamie said...

Hehe, as soon as I posted the comment I stood up and told my sister and friend that I want to go platinum blonde and they both freaked out!! Saying almost exactly what you did, that it will ruin my hair and look mega fake. Not to mention my dark ass eyebrows will look ridiculous!

LunieBin said...

Hey Nicole.....OOhhhh I am so excited that you want to do an inspiration board with me..It always makes it more fun when you can do a project with someone.....I have started cutting out my phrases and pictures.....I think I am going to do a couple different ones....One for home for luniebin and a family/personal one..I bought 3 poster boards...I am ready to go...Are you ready.......