Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 before 30

30 before 30
It's so sad not having a computer at home. I feel like my blogging life has taken a major backseat. I suppose it's good for me to take a little blog break though and focus on things like, housework. Still. I hope these short & sweet little posts will tide you readers over this spring while waiting for that magical piece of technology to arrive. It's amazing the things we take for granted isn't it?!
This is a list my boyfriend and I did together. We turn 30 about 2 weeks apart from each other, at the end/beginning of the year. Hopefully we'll get to cross a few things off before our birthdays. :)


Courtney said...

That is such a great list and I really think that you can cross off a ton of them. Good luck! (keep us posted!)

Jamie said...

French Toast Fridays sound pretty amazing...I might steal this idea!!

Jessi said...

I am turning 30 this year..I am so scared!