Friday, May 7, 2010

the perks of waking up at 5:30 am. to run.

yeah that's right. i run at 5:30 am.  well not really.  i start running at 6.  i do however wake up before 5:30 am.  crazy.  i know.  it's dark outside.  and cold.  and really really quiet.  i'm not running away really, just sort of escaping for a bit.  waking up before the rest of the world does.  it's peaceful.  sam and i noticed this morning that the animals seem to be letting us get closer and closer to them.  it's like we're in a disney movie sometimes.  so far we've seen lots of birds and squirrels, a fox, a baby bunny, a crawdad the size of a lobster (ok maybe small crab is more realistic.  we poked it with a stick because we're 5), a black cat that jackie tried to bring home with her one day, an opossum, tons and tons of giant nasty worms (and lots of disgusting swarms of tiny clear insects), geese, and the most adorable beaver you've ever seen.  i run with weights. and i run up stairs.  i do 100 sit-ups.  it gets comical at times.  we really do look like a couple of dorks out there at the lake.  but we have so much fun it doesn't matter.  it's nice doing yoga while watching the sun rise.  it lifts your spirits and really sets the tone for the rest of the day.  i can't wait to get up in 5 hours and do it all again!



loved your blog today, I could just imagin everything you were writing as plain as day, and yet have no idea of what your lake even looked like. Glad you can still be a fun loving 5 year old and not a petulant one! auntie cyndi

LOVE TO STITCH BEE TREE DESIGNS said... check this can have anything you want put on drawings, your drawings, pictures, words any combinations as long as you can get into a JPEG, TIF or several ohter extensions, kinda pricey at 2x the price of good quiting fabric but so unique!!!! am SERIOUSLY considering doing something. just can't decide what I want to do of mine but then I thought of the elephant, and the monsters................. :_)

Nicole Coffin. said...

just bookmarked the page cyndi. thanks! it looks splendid.