Friday, June 18, 2010

today's thougts...

  • Why can't craft supply stores be open 24 hours?
  • I can't wait to have a proper oven so I can bake again.  I didn't realize how therapeutic it is for me until I couldn't do it.
  • I want to find a good book to read.  I miss reading.  I'll probably buy Cakewalk and Uncharted TerriTORI.
  • I wish I got paid to sleep.  I'd gladly sign up for a sleep study.  If I got to sleep in my own bed.
  • I want to start a mini "quotes" journal to carry around with me so I can peek at cute inspiration.
  • I wish I could sew.
  • I just wish I had more time.  And an ice cream maker.

1 comment:

LunieBin said...

Hello....I wish I could sew..I just bought a sewing maybe soon....hahah..I also wish I had more time......I am always sawing I need an extra 8 hours a day to get done what I want to do.....I love to bake too..Baking is very therupeutic.....How was your weekend? Did you work on your art journal?