Tuesday, July 27, 2010

101 things about ME. (1-25)

Everyone is doing it.  So will I.

  1. I'm always tired.  I could take a nap pretty much anywhere and anytime.  Even immediately after lots of caffeine.
  2. I love caramel swirled into things....ice cream, coffee drinks, apples, cheesecake...yum.  I only like the chewy caramel though....not the almost too sweet runny or grainy kind that comes in packets.  Ick.
  3. I really want long hair.  I have a hard time growing it out because I've damaged it so much. (don't bleach your hair!)
  4. I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I want an old acoustic with a mint green strap.  
  5. I can never commit to a decorating "style".  I like a mix mash of modern retro, shabby chic, minimalist, and kitch.
  6. I want to start collecting old metal first aid kits.  I like the red cross.  And the colors are beautiful....many shades of green, black, red, and white.
  7. Seven is my favorite number.  I think it's pretty.
  8. I love painting.  It is really fun experimenting with colors, textures, layering, glazes, etc.  The best part is cleaning up though.  It's what I call a "fun mess".  Watching the colors swirl down the drain mixed with soapy bubbles and dirty hands......bliss.
  9. I like candles that smell like food.  Mostly vanilla notes.  Pumpkin and Apple Cinnamon are favorites too!
  10. I love tea...but I don't prepare it enough because I'm too lazy.  I love hot English Breakfast tea with cream & sugar, hot green tea, hot jasmine green tea, iced black tea, and iced green tea.  I don't like "flavored" prepared teas.  I despise fake sugar.  I actually don't require sugar at all in my tea, but sometimes a tiny bit is nice.
  11. I still enjoy "little kid" activities like coloring books, roller skating, ice skating, bowling, lazer tag, put put golf, blowing bubbles, playing in the sand, etc.
  12. I like to read celebrity gossip magazines.
  13. I like the number 13.  I like Friday the 13th.  I usually have good luck that day.
  14. I love baking.  My favorite thing to bake is cookies.  My favorite cookie is chocolate chip banana walnut.
  15. I want to speak fluent french.
  16. I want to learn more about my ancestors, and visit Norway, where they were from.
  17. I don't like the sun.  The sun doesn't like me.  It burns me.  I have really white vampire skin, which I love.
  18. I'm completely un-organized.  But I'm working on it.
  19. I fantasize about getting married on an almost daily basis.  It's ridiculous.
  20. I have too many clothes, but I don't think I have enough.  I think it's because I don't like what I have.  I buy things on sale, and then I wonder, "why do I have this?"
  21. I want to make time to read again.
  22. Every time I go into a book store or an antique market I come out with about $100 worth of things.  I can't help it.  That's why I don't go shopping very often.
  23. I want to learn how to sew.  Almost all of the women in my family know how to sew except for me.
  24. My favorite chore is getting down on the floors and hand mopping.  I don't do it very often though.
  25. I make my own laundry detergent.  It's cheap, fun, and easy.  I ran out of an ingredient though and bought All "fresh rain"....the small & mighty bottle....and I looooovvvvee how my clothes smell.  When I make my own I can't smell the fragrance I add, which can be really nice.....but I miss that fresh laundry smell.

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