Thursday, July 29, 2010

My "101 Things About Me" 25-50

25.  I wish I could wear my hair to work in a messy bun every day.  Sadly, I can't.  My job requires me to be beautician beautiful which in my personal opinion is completely over the top and not pretty at all.  The made-up look isn't really me, and I only want to do full make-up and hair when I'm going out on the town or taking fancy pictures.

26.  I love all the gore and blood in horror movies, but not in real life.  My boyfriend makes fun of me because I get squeamish around raw meat, yet I can fall asleep to the scariest horror movies.

27.  I should be scared of real life monsters like bad guys, but I have to purposefully not think about things like ghosts or aliens because I will scare myself silly (especially if I am home alone)!

28.  I never get to take my birthday off of work, because my birthday is December 12, and Christmastime is our busiest.  I don't expect to, but it would be nice.  My boyfriends birthday is right after Christmas and New Years (January 3).  Lilly's birthday falls right in the middle of spring break (and very close to Easter...March 25th).  Daisy's is August 7, so she has a summer birthday, and there are usually complications with their dad's visitation.  I think we should all pick a day and celebrate our un-birthdays.

29.  I love my fat free french vanilla coffeemate coffee creamer.  I try time and time again to order fun coffee drinks at Starbucks and other places, but I end up hating them.  So if I don't have my coffeemate I drink it black.

30.  I don't have a sweet tooth, I have a sweet fang!  I never go more than a day without something sweet.  Since I've been losing weight right now, I make a square of dove dark chocolate my daily indulgence. 

31.  I don't like dogs.  Some of them are cute and sweet, but....dogs are rude.  They smell gross, they jump on you and get you dirty, they sniff around in your crotch, they lick you and rub their cold slimy nose on you, they slobber/ pee/ poop on the floor, they hump people/ animals/ things, they eat your prettiest most expensive high heels, they make you go outside when you are sick, and they run away at the most inconvenient times.

32.  I can't keep fish alive.  I've tried 3 or 4 times.  They all die.  It's the same way with plants.  I do pretty well with a cactus though.

33.  I love winter holidays.  Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and St. Patrick's Day are the best.  I like to decorate and put my fancy clothes on.  I wear the right colors and cook the traditional meals.  Holidays are so much fun.

34.  That being said, Christmas always stresses me out.  There is never enough money, yet somehow I always manage to spend too much.  I get sad about the buy buy buy aspect of it all.  I try to make as many gifts as possible, but worry that homemade gifts aren't enough.  I always have a holiday detox (alcohol).

35.  I am in love with pin-up girls.  I even got tattooed lines down the back of my legs to look like old fashioned stockings.  When I reach my goal weight I am going to reward myself with a professional pin-up photo shoot!

36.  I have to clean my ears out every day after my shower with a q-tip or I feel really gross if I don't.

37.  Long toenails creep me out!  I cut all of my free edge off, which leaves my toenails really tiny and ridiculous looking, but it makes me feel much more clean.  I love cutting nails off.

38.  I can seperate all my toes on my right foot, but not my left.

39.  I like the smells of gasoline, hot blacktop, and pipe-smoke.  But I also like the smells of cotton candy, vanilla, lavender, pumpkin, apple cinnamon, leather, new shoes, pine, tea, bergamot, rose, lilac, tomato plants, grass, and almond.

40.  As much as I love winter, there's no point in winter if it isn't going to snow.  I'd prefer a foot of snow or more all winter long.

41.  I'd like to have a little bit of land so I can have goats, chickens, and some lambs.  And bunnies.

42.  I have a hard time committing to a single favorite color.  Right now I'm loving mustard yellow, chartreuse, all shades of gray, ice blue, mint green, and orangey reds.

43.  I think thongs are gross.  I wear regular (but cute) cotton underwear that I get from Aerie for everyday.  And black lacy panties for sexy days.

44.  I'll drink other waters, but spring water is the best.  It just tastes so clean.  Evian is my favorite!

45.  I shave my arms.

46.  I really love my muscular legs, but it sucks when your calves are too big to fit into tall boots!  :(

47.  I love gleaming white movie star teeth.

48.  Mustaches are gross, but I prefer guys that have facial hair (but not those ridiculous chin straps or an out of control beard).

49.  I like the stupid jokes on Laffy Taffy.  I like Laffy Taffy.

50.  I read the entire label on anything I put in or on myself.


Kristie said...

My bday is Dec 4th and my husbands bday is Jan 3rd, so I'm in the same boat with you!

Marla Rae Morrison said...

I have always wanted to do a pin up shoot too! And you are not alone about the toenails! I do the same thing! Mine are always short! : )