Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"101 Things About Me" 51-75

51.  I'm really vain.  I like to stare at myself.
52.  I want a Blythe doll SO bad, but they're ridiculously expensive, so I don't have one.
53.  I'm a night owl.  I love staying up late.  Night is so peaceful but also mysterious....and really romantic.
54.  I have a master list of disgusting words.
55.  I tried out for cheerleading every year in school.  I didn't make it.  I'm not peppy.  I really just wanted to wear the outfit.
56.  I always wanted to go to some kind of all girl school or boarding school.  I love school uniforms!
57.  I have never been to camp.  And I haven't gone camping since I was a kid.  Oh wait...yeah, I have been camping.  I went on a float trip a few years back.  There were jello shots and jungle juice and snakes and rain involved.  That's probably why I sorta blocked it out.  I want to go camping though.  Soon.
58.  I think mustaches are gross.  They are only acceptable if they are part of a full beard, or on bearded ladies at the circus.
59.  My favorite candy ever is a Milky Way candybar.  Mmm...so good.
60.  My new favorite flowers are carnations!
61.  My favorite job was working at T.C.B.Y.  I liked making waffle cones.  They were the best waffle cones ever....so light and crumbly.  Filled with 98% fat free strawberry frozen yogurt.......perfect.
62.  If I had the time, I think it would be so much fun to do roller derby!  I like coming up with the names.  Rawberry Shortcake.  Rainbow Spite.  Smackie Chan.  lol
63.  I don't like clothes shopping.  At all.  I like shopping for other things though.  Like books, music, dvds, antiques, candles,.....stuff.
64.  I like saying old school phrases that people don't say anymore, like "the bees knees" and "peachy keen" and "the cat's pajamas"
65.  I wish I had enough time and money to take a chunk of time off to fix and decorate and make my house cute.
66.  I didn't used to, but I like anime.  Some.  Anime.  I like DragonballZ.  It's silly.
67.  My backyard is the perfect environment for growing peppers.  I'm an amazing pepper grower.
 68.  I don't like sports.  I've never gotten into team sports.  It's fun to mess around with sports recreationally but not competitively.
69.  I don't like being tickled.  So of course my boyfriend tickles me.  All the time.
70.  I don't like manicures.  I don't want some stranger rubbing my hands.  That's way too personal.
71.  I'm not comfortable sleeping in anything that isn't 100% cotton.  And not knit.  Cotton.
72.  I don't watch the news.
73.  I've lived in Columbia Missouri since I was 5.  23 years.  I think the thought of living somewhere for your whole life is really depressing.  I'll move away someday.
74.  It doesn't bother me at all to do things by myself (most things).  Or spend an evening alone.  In fact, I actually like it.
75.  I wish I had to wear glasses.  I tried to wear fake ones once, but it felt so silly I only kept them on for half the day.

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