Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is Monster High?

So I got these dolls.  I found them at Target over by the Moxie dolls.  I was looking for a birthday present for my 7 year old, Daisy.  I saw these, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had to have them!
They are the coolest dolls I have ever seen in the kids section.  I got the 2 prettiest girls...Frankie Stein, and Lagoona Blue.  Frankie has 2 different colored eyes, and Lagoona has webbed fingers!  I don't think I'll be able to give them to my daughter.  I love them too much.  When I saw them I kept thinking, "What is Monster High?".  So when I got home I did some investigating and found out.  They are a line of dolls by Mattel.  They are supposed to be like the daughters of the classic monsters we all know and love.  If you check out the Monster High website, you can see all the dolls and learn more about them.  Apparently Mattel has a cartoon television show but hasn't been able to find the right partner to get the show on the air.  They will be selling Monster High clothes at Justice this summer, and there will be 6 books coming out this fall.  Obviously this stuff is geared towards tweens, but I don't care.  I'm already in love.  I hear they are a few years away still, but that they are working on a movie too.  I am such a geek.


AmyFlorence said...

Hiii, I just wanted to say, I just got my journal-package from Amy's journal swap, and the journal you made was so awesome! I love it!! I can't remember whether I put my name on the journals I made.. but mine were the To&From journals =) It was such a great project! I can't wait to get started on filling them in.

Am glad I've discovered your blog! Am about to sit down and flick through your posts.

Hope you're well!

Amy xxx

Nicole Coffin. said...

Your journal was soooo beautiful...I had so much fun going through it! You didn't put your name on it. I was going to ask Amy which journal belonged to who so I could thank each one of you personally! Now I can check out your blog!! Oh and thank you for your lovely comment. It took a long time to work on those things, so I'm glad you like it. Which one did you get?