Monday, October 4, 2010

apple picking!

I have been wanting to go apple picking for a long time now, and we finally went!  Last Sunday we went to an apple and alpaca u-pick farm in Mexico, MO.  We got off to a rocky start because the trip wasn't really planned out all that well (thank god for GPS).  The weather was so pretty.....the drive up there was actually really beautiful ( I kept seeing all these pretty mustard yellow wildflowers along the roadside).  Once we finally found the place, we knew we were going to have a great time.  The people who ran the place were so nice and friendly there.  They offered us hot popcorn, blueberry muffins, and beverages, gave the girls each a charming handmade alpaca necklace, handed us a bucket, and off we went!  The place was so cute!!  I was amazed at how gorgeous something like fallen rotting apples could look.  It was hard to tell which apples were good enough to pick (most of them had these ugly brown spots on their skin), but we managed to find a whole bucket full.  I wasn't sure about the ugly apples at first, but once Daisy decided to sample a little apple in the orchard, I saw that the flesh was actually bright, clear, and fresh.  We all took a bite, and let me tell was so so sweet and juicy (a fuji).....orchard apples are delicious!  When we got back to the shop to pay for the apples, we had a little look around the store.  They had a honeycomb display with live bees in it!  We looked at handmade alpaca goods, and I bought some yarn and some tea tree soap.  Then we had to go check out the alpacas of course!!  They are funny little things.  They had a new black baby that was so cute!  I finished my pumpkin spice latte (that I was trying for the first time) on the ride home.  We left with happy hearts, and planned our next adventures on the way home.


ckscribbles said...

i want to go apple picking so bad :), it looks like you had such a great time!


Jamie said...

i went apple picking yesterday, I wish there were alpacas tho!!