Friday, October 8, 2010


A few days ago I got a package in the mail.  !!!  My ghostie arrived.  Isn't it so cute?!  I have been admiring Skunkboy Creatures for a while now, and I am so happy I decided to buy one!  The ghost looks even cuter in person.  I'm always so pleased with my Etsy purchases.  I feel so good supporting independent artists.  I don't remember where I saw this goal, but somewhere out there in the blogging world I saw that someone had a goal to support handmade buy buying at least one item per month.  I think that is such an awesome idea.  Most of us can afford to buy ourselves a little something every month (think about all the Starbucks!), ....why not buy that yummy fall scented candle from Etsy instead of Target?!  Christmas is coming up too.  Personally, I am making all of my Christmas gifts, but I would much rather buy something handmade with love than some mass produced crap at the mall.  I am so excited to stay at home and make my gifts!!  I will save tons of cash, and feel good about what I am giving.  I will be at home snuggly in my pajamas instead of buzzing around all those swarms of angry holiday shoppers.  It stresses me out even thinking about holiday shopping.  In fact, I may have to stock up on baking and food staples so that I don't have to go out to the grocery store as much in December.  Crowds give me such anxiety.  Well, now that I have Christmas on the brain, I'm off to look up recipes for bath goods.  Happy Haunting, and Happy Shopping everyone!


Donna said...

Love your ghost! I also love Skunkboy Creatures but as yet havent bought anything from her!
Hope you are good!
Hugs, Donna xox

Jamie said...

Oh your Ghostie is absolutely adorable!! I have been making all my christmas and pretty much all birthday gifts for the last 3 years or so. It not only saves a ton of money but people definitely appreciate how much time and thought you put into their gift. And if there is ever anything I can't make, I get it on etsy so i can support the creators our there!

Cheray said...

That Ghost is soooo cute!!
I love Skunkboy Creatures!! I'm always too late at seeing the shop updates! (which in a way might be a good thing...or else I would be so broke!)
I'm hoping to do the same for Christmas - though last year I left it too late! I might have to start buying handmade & making things now (I still have a backlog of birthday quilts and baby shower quilts in the works though! eeeps)
have a great weekend xxx

Courtney said...

I'm totally with you on the handmade holidays! I think it is more important to make something for your loved ones rather then just buy them crap from a box store.
I hope you are able to keep it handmade!