Thursday, October 28, 2010

i ruv you.

His name is Tripper (I call him Tripper Leavesly) because he likes to weave in and out of your feet, tripping you.  And cause KC got him on a trip.  He stumbles around like a drunk and trips himself a lot too.  His mom is a full breed german shepherd, and his dad is half german shepherd and half asian ridgeback.  So yes, he will be big.  We are totally ok with that.  German shepherds are great family dogs.  They are super intelligent, great with other animals and children, and really loyal.  Plus, they require long walks and exercise every day so he will help us be active and fit.  The cats are doing good with him.  Scarlet has impressed us with her curious but calm approach to him.  Pumpkin is sooo scared of him.  It's really funny.  Pumpkin will arch his back and puff up his tail and hiss and run away.  Tripper is  turning me into a zombie.  Because I'm running out of energy.  Up every 3 hours in the freezing cold all night to pee and play with leaves.  He's obsessed with them.  It's really cute.  I've never been a dog person.  Ever.  But for some strange reason I've fallen head over heels for this adorable baby.  So there you have it.  If I get a little distracted, or forget to blog post for a bit, you'll know why.  What should he be for Halloween????


ckscribbles said...

can i come live with you puhhleaseee?


Courtney said...

ADORABLE! He is super cute