Monday, November 22, 2010

21 & 22

 There is never enough time is there?  It is quite the challenge to blog the same sort of thing every single day.  I am really loving sharing my thanks and prompts with you though.  I am committed to the end of this fun Thanks A Lot class.  I love that I might inspire some of you creative souls out is such an awesome feeling!  So thanks for doing this with all rock!

Today (and yesterday) I am thankful for.....
*  friendly get togethers
*  sweet boyfriends
*  blog followers
*  holiday spirit
*  hot showers
* support & love

( I've noticed my prompts, while fun, have strayed from the deeper more thoughtful prompts I had wanted to put out there for you.  Right now, at 2:30 am in my dark bedroom is not the time to share the lengthy prompts I have written in my current journal with you, but I promise to put some heavier prompts out there for you before the end of the month!!!) for now....
- do you know your state very well?  Remember in school where we would do a map of our state, fill it with the major cities, learn the state capitol and the state flower and the state bird and the state tree??  I think it would be fun to brush up on that knowledge again.  I think state maps done in colored pencils are so pretty.  It would make a really beautiful and fun journal in and of itself if you did all the states you have been to, and even all 50!
- make a list of all the little things that work for you to boost your mood.  Reach for a coffee, tea, or glass of wine?  Get out your craft supplies?  Put in that happy movie?  Get a pedicure?  It is good to have a list like this to go to when you feel sad.
- think about your wardrobe.  Do you love it, like it, or hate it?  Go through your closet.  Write down what you love about it, and what could use improvement.  Think really hard about your lifestyle.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Sometimes, sadly, we need to have more work clothes because we spend most of our time there.  Write a list of how you could re-arrange and maybe re-shop to fit your life better.  Sometimes it is better to have more of what you need and less of what you want.  It is going to make me sad to retire a lot of my dresses, but I'll feel better on those 5 days of the week if I have more pants.  Besides, I hardly ever go out.  It's ok to buy a new dress and heels every time you go out when you only go out a few times a year right???
- make a list of Christmas cookies to make this year.....or just list your faves.  :)
- what are your Christmas tree memories?  We have fake trees now, but as a kid one of my favorite things to do was go to a cut your own Christmas tree farm with my family.  We would bundle up, my dad would bring his saw, and we would trek through the snowy forest of pines to find the perfect one.  The trip would end with hot chocolate and a candy cane, and all the way home I would feel so happy.  Trimming the tree was prickly and messy and fragrant and perfect.
 - journal your favorite snowy memories.  Did you catch snowflakes on your tongue? Make snow angels, igloos, go sledding, have snowball fights?
- my mom forwarded me an email about a lady who played a trick on her family.  Her daughter was cooking a turkey for the first time.  When the lady came over to her daughters house, she started helping her prepare Thanksgiving food.  At some point in the day the lady had sent out her daughter for something at the store.  While she was away, she took the turkey out of the oven.....pulled out the stuffing, put in a little Cornish hen, and put the stuffing back in.  When the daughter went to scoop out the stuffing that evening her spoon wouldn't go in very far.  She reached in the turkey and pulled out the hen.  The lady said to her daughter, "oh've cooked a pregnant turkey!".  Her gullible daughter totally fell for the joke, and the family still laughs about it years later.  Do you have any quirky traditions or hilarious memories of Thanksgiving?  Journal them.

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