Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 20

Today I am thankful for...
* bagel, egg and cheese sandwiches from steak n shake
* staying up late with friends & family
* pumpkin bread with chocolate chips
* cute cat drawings


-daisy (my 7 year old) says, journal about bunnies, deers, flowers, dogs & cats, slushies, movies, and paint....
- do you have a favorite article of clothing?  mine is socks.  i'm gonna make a journal page about socks.
- are the holidays a particularly hard time for you?  i used to hate being single around the holidays.  i hated walking through the mall and seeing couples hold hands.  i hated that i wasn't being all cutesy with my love.  what could you do to make the holidays more bearable?  drink wine? eat chocolate? stay in and watch cheesy movies?......
- brainstorm ornament ideas that you could make with objects you have around the house.  i just recently made a christmas tree out of a starbucks sleeve.  you could turn your instax mini prints into ornaments.  no doubt you have craft supplies on hand.  this is a fun one!

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♥ Sezasaurus ♥ said...

Hi Nicole! Adore your blog! Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I'm passing you 'the baton of friendship' its a quiz to get to know your blog readers and make new blogging buddies. Just go to my blog for details xx

Also I find Bridget Jones's diary is a fab xmas movie to watch when your feeling like a pick me up, goes even better with a large glass of wine;)