Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 10.

Today I am thankful for:
* the joy painting cute things brings
* boyfriends that make crouqe monsieurs for dinner.  yum!
* daisy not really being as sick as she thought she was.

1. Dedicate a page to your most favorite family holiday traditions.
2. Doodle on your page.  This page shouldn't be pretty.  Copy cute fonts.  Practice for a real page.  Try out the embroidery or machine sewing.  Try out layers of paint and gesso.  Test your glue, pens, markers.  Practice drawing.  Sharpen your skills.  You can always rip it out.  Or do it in a practice journal.  Or layer over it and start again.
3.  What is something you're saving up for?  What is that precious dream?  It could be anything from new shoes to a new house.  Draw it......paste a picture of it.  Add a little note or caption.  Just capture your current dream.
4.  Think about images and things that just make you smile.  Then draw a bunch of them on your page.   Make them as cute as possible.  Draw coffee cups with smiles on them.  These cute things could be anything from rainbows, to stars, to toast, to milk cartons.....cameras, clouds, raindrops, etc.  Make your page really colorful and cute.
5.  Do you have a tiny space or want one all your own?  A place where you can make as tacky or kitchy as you want?  A serene place in nature that is "your" spot.  A retreat to use for creating, reading, or simply to steal a few moments for yourself.  Journal this magical place.  Is it a teepee, an airstream trailer, a cozy nook, a tree house?  If you do this prompt please please please send me links....I would love to see them!!

How have you all crafty foxes been enjoying the class so far?  Do you like the prompts or are they not working for you?  Have any suggestions?  I'd love to hear your input!!


LunieBin said...

Hey Nicole....I love your prompts.....I am loving art journaling so much...It is becoming an that than other things, I guess....Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I am writing you a letter and I will be sending you a little package soon...I hope all is well.


LunieBin said...

I hope you got my last comment.....Let me know if you did......I am lookign forward to getting back into the swing of things..and back on track writing you....I really enjoy our letters...........

Béatrice said...

Nicole, i'm having a blast following your class! Your prompts are original and i can't wait to have more time to dedidate myself to this huge notebook leaning on my table!