Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 11.

Thank you!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave me's good to hear you are liking the prompts!!  Sorry it seems like I haven't been able to post until late late at night on the day of.  Such a slacker!  I'll do 2 posts in a row so you can wake up in the morning with fresh does that sound?

Today I am thankful for:
* me not being lazy & figuring my flickr problem out
* happy thoughts---my sketchbook project theme. can't wait to do more pages!
* the brady bunch
* inspiring photos on flickr

1. Make several recipe pages.  Then get a customized family cookbook made.  You can do this with  or I think maybe at a copy shop like Kinkos.  These would make the best holiday gifts ever!!!
2. Do you have unfinished business with someone?  Are you no longer in contact with or are personal situations too difficult to speak with them?  Write them a letter. Get out absolutely everything you need to say to them.  If it will make you feel better, send it.  Just writing it though should lift some weight off your shoulders.  It's therapeutic to get it off your chest.  You could find an anonymous open letter type of website to share it with others.  Or you could simply tuck it away in your journal.  If you want to get rid of the note- burn it.  It might help to burn other items that are connected to this as well.  Let it go.
3.  Do you love a funky retro print?  Get the perfect retro colors & try your hand at filling your page with the lovely print.  I myself love vintage 70s flower prints, and diagonal stripes in colors like orange- light blue- and brown.  Also, plants & vines would look great!

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