Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day 2...

It is day 2.  First, I wanted to say that there is another super fantastic journal challenge out there over at Janel's blog, Run With Scissors......
Her journal challenge is totally free, and she will be posting her pages and prompts every day on her blog this November.  I really hope you check it out.....Janel is the best.  I just adore her classes.  She is so inspirational and just great. 

I guess you could say that what I'm doing here on my blog is very similar, if not just plain copying her idea and using it for my own.  I hope she doesn't feel this way, as I really respect her talent and would never try to take away from that in any way.  The thing is, I hardly have any followers anyway....I couldn't take away her fan base if I tried.  Janel is just an awesome creative blogger, who happens to teach art, and has been journaling for years.  Her pages are simply beautiful, and her prompts are so classic.  I'm really just testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in my ideas.  I am not using her prompts or copying her pages.  I plan on offering lots of prompts throughout this whole month, as well as listing the things I am grateful for each day.  I'm just kind of adding to her idea, just throwing out more inspiration for anyone to run with.  I find myself to be craving more depth in my journal prompts, because I'm so emotional and I like to dive deep into my feelings to figure out how to handle them better.  I thought others might be interested in this too.

So it's day 2....

Today I am thankful for:
* online friends
* storytime with my daughters
* gossip magazines
* 50's music
* warm sandwiches

When I first moved into my house, every time something simple needed fixing, I would call my dad.  Then one day I thought, "this is silly.  I can do that.  What made me think I wasn't capable of such a simple repair task?"  Do you ever find yourself leaning on the ones who love you a little too often?  What are some things you'd love to know how to do all by yourself?  Put together a bookcase, unclog a drain, tile a floor??  C'mon, you know you can totally do this!

I won't be journaling every day.  When I do, I will be sure to post my pages.  This month will start to get really busy.  Christmas is on it's way (hello handmade).  I also need to get started on my Sketchbook Project (I've only done one page)!  I hope we all find the time this month to get it all done.  The creative stuff is so important!!

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Brina said...

I used to be pretty dependent on others, for all kinds of stuff like that. I was scared of power tools. Now I actually own a power sander and a hand drill. :P There's something very liberating about being able to take down the vertical blinds in the apartment MYSELF!

I used to use the excuse that I couldn't reach things and I HAD to get someone to help me. That only works now if I'm still out of reach when standing on my step stool. (I'm only 4'10".)