Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 3...

Today I am thankful for:
* busier days at work
* red wine
* family movie nights
* pajamas

1. Do something simple and fun, but out of the ordinary for you (like a crossword or coloring in a coloring book)....paste it in your journal.
2. Write down your bucket list.
3. Think of the person who you admire the most....what qualities do they have?  Write down those qualities in pretty fonts & colors to look back on for motivation to be your best.
4. Look all around for journal supplies.  They are everywhere.  Pretty clothing tags, receipts, ticket stubs, food wrappers, wrapping paper, old books, magazine pages.....Now journal with them.  Recycling is great.  Once you open up your eyes a little bit, you'll see supplies everywhere!

Have a great night everyone!!

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