Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 24

Today I am thankful for:
* blog awards
* Lilly straightening up the share room all on her own without being asked
* Daisy being cute still
* having all the food we need to do Thanksgiving on our own....thanks KC!!!

- write down cute things that your kids, before you forget!!
- prep journal pages with cute boarders
- practice a new font
- do you have too many journals (me)?  designate one for thoughts, for pen only....the others can be art journals.  i am going to put my pen journal in my bedside table and use it for easy nightly entries.  i will also designate one to stay in my purse so i always have one with me.....for rough notes mainly.  my actual art journals won't get used as much, but i will love them the most. 

Tell me, how do you organize all your journals?   I can't stick to one at a time!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends!! xoxo

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