Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 28

 Today I am thankful for.....
* my boyfriend buying me an i-phone 4 tomorrow....yay!!
* family thanksgiving
* KC not being sick anymore
* New Years resolutions
* sweet potato crunch!!!

- Do you hate your job?  What can you do to make ends meet?  Could you bet a better, more fulfilling job and still be able to make it?  What are you willing to cut back on?  Are you willing to take a side job?  Open an Etsy shop for extra money?  Stop going to Starbucks?  Make lunches and dinners at home?  Stop going out as much?  Sell your home & move into a place more affordable?  Go back to school?  Relocate?  Think really hard about how you're feeling.  Is it possible to make your current job more bearable?  Think about how your job is affecting your quality of life.  Ultimately, are you helping your family or hurting it?  Do you snap at them, are you frazzled, are you depressed?  Will a different job give you more time with your family?  Do you need something more creative or a fresh change of scenery?  Make a list of the pros/cons of your current job.  Make a list of the sacrifices and risks you are willing to make to be happier at work.  Quitting your job is a pretty serious have to really be prepared for it.  But so is staying in a soul sucking situation, which puts your health at stake.  You can't create change by doing the same thing.  Embrace change, little or big.  It will make you feel so much better!
- Draw out a really outrageous room that you love but wouldn't allow yourself to do in real life.  Make this really fun.  Have you always wanted to paint the walls black?  Put glitter on the ceilings?  Have a pink Hello Kitty room?  Have a retro 70s room complete with wallpaper, wood paneling, and shag carpet??  I could do tons of pages like this.......If I was a rich girl my house would be tackier than Graceland!!!!!

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