Monday, November 8, 2010

day 8...

 Today I am thankful for:
* clean clothes (love that laundry smell.......we use all small & mighty "fresh rain")
* caramel apples (this time I dipped them in dark chocolate also, and added Snickers sprinkles!!)
*  the girls going to bed on their own without any issues
*  Olay Ribbons body wash

Journal Prompts--
1. create a page around your favorite childhood book.  What about it made it so great?  Did it have a good message, was it soothing, or did you just love the illustrations?
2.  Journal about a lesson you've recently learned.  Sometimes we need a reminder again and again.  Other times the thing we learn is such a big one that we will never forget it.  Either way, journaling lessons is a great way to preserve that feeling.
3.  Write down a list of the things you could do to make your life a little brighter.  It could be having a girlie sleepover, going to see a movie, visiting a zoo, eating your favorite meal, reading an old favorite, ....anything that would make your troubled days better.
4.  Do you ever find yourself engaging in negative self talk, only to sit down and people watch and realize that you would never trade lives with any of the people you see walk by?  This happens to me all the time.  I challenge you to sit down and people watch sometime soon.  It will surprise you what kind of people you see walking around.  It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.  And it will really make you appreciate being you.  Make a page dedicated to the beautiful and unique you.
5.  Write a list of the things you want to learn but haven't had the time or money for.  Write them all down, small or major.  Then pick the easiest one and start crossing things off your list!  Sometimes half the battle is knowing what to do.  With all the stresses of work and kids and pets and life, at the end of the day we are so exhausted that all we can do is walk around like a zombie and stare at a screen for a while just to unwind.  But who wants to be a zombie?! Reach for your list and go actually DO something!  TV is fun and all, but hobbies actually make you feel like you have a life.  So much more fun!!

Happy Monday pals!!

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