Tuesday, November 16, 2010

goodnight & goodmorning....day 15 & 16.

So sorry that I forgot to do my daily thankful post.  Tonight I went shoe shopping for a descent pair of winter work shoes.  First of all, I hate shopping.  Especially wardrobe shopping.  I drug my girls around to probably 6 different shoe stores, trying on all the reasonable pairs.  None of them fit that perfect match I was looking for.  They have to have a certain look to them that will pass dress code.  Then they have to be comfortable enough to stand 8 hours a day in.  And, if I shell out over $60 on a pair of shoes, they better be cute and made really well with quality materials like real leather.  I felt so picky and exhausted, but you know what?  I'm tired of making good enough choices and not being satisfied.  From now on, if I'm going to spend my hard earned cash on anything, it better be a great choice!  Ok, now that I've allowed my little rant, here's the post you've been patiently waiting for.....

Today I am thankful for:
* pulling back my covers and discovering a good night note from Lilly
* holding out for great choices
* pizza rolls
* getting to do a little journaling, or journal prep rather
* awesome things coming to us in the mailbox

-ever wanted to visit another country?  Get out a map and draw freehand, or print out a blank map (school learning sites may have these), or trace a map of your favorite country.  Remember doing this in school?  I always loved artistic homework!  Get out your colored pencils, and label major cities, and the places you want to visit, perhaps adding cute pictures and side notes.  It would be neat to add in some foreign language on your page also...maybe some fun phrases.  This would be the perfect insert to a travel journal!
- write a list of fun family activities to do this winter
- have you written out idea lists for gifts??? now is the time!
- plan a color scheme for your tree.  draw, paint, or scrap a tree on your page.  decorate it in this years color scheme!!
- do a journal page about your holiday crafts you're working on
- this is the best season to stay in and be cozy.  Write a list of your favorite stay home activities.  Mine are knitting, movie watching, journaling, baking, petting my animals, wearing jammies as a house uniform, sipping hot drinks, reading, and sitting by an open window to get a blast of icy air & magically daydreaming.
- write a list of the books you want to read this winter
- write a list of the recipes you want to try out this season
- create a good holiday music playlist.  radio music can sometimes grate on your nerves.  it's always good to have a fresh alternative on hand.  i don't have much time to devote to finding indie bands, but it's easy to check blogs and friends musical selections on their facebook pages to listen to the playlists and videos they list.

Well, this is about all I can muster tonight guys.  It's 2:35 am, and I actually have to go into work early tomorrow.  Thank goodness for falling asleep on the couch tonight....I'm sure that catnap will help.  Otherwise I'd be in trouble.  4 hours of sleep?  Why do I do this to myself?!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, blog friends.

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