Sunday, November 14, 2010


Perhaps this post comes a little too early, but I figure, I should post about what I'm excited about now right?!  There are way too many holiday post ideas floating around inside my head.  They're all about relevant to the season though.  Right now, I had the urge to check out some gingerbread houses, because we plan on making one right around Thanksgiving time.  Here are some inspiration ideas for you:
This one is really cute.  I love the red roof and the icicles!!
This blue one isn't as cutesy, but still really pretty.
Not sure why this one loaded sideways, but it's too cool not to share with you.....look at the inside view!
These mini ones look like so much fun to could do a little village of them, plus they require so much less candy!
I like this lopsided mountain thingy.  See the train?
It would be pretty sweet to decorate with minimal candy, as seen here.
This Valentiney house is pretty adorable.
This one is just unbelievably amazing.
...and this is what ours usually look like!  ;)

Please tell me you have an amazing gingerbread recipe that works well for houses!  Please send me links to all recipes and houses we should be aware of!!!  We really want to design our own this year, with rock candy windows and all.....wish us luck!

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Cheray said...

They're gorgeous!!
I've never made a gingerbread house, but it's always been on my to-do list!
Can't wait to see pics of yours this year x