Saturday, November 6, 2010

journal prompts...

It is day 6 of my little online class.  I am so happy that a few of you are actually doing this with me!!

Today I am thankful for....
* new holiday scented candles
* hot showers
* air & water heaters
* appliances that work
* socks
* the weekend

1. What colors & textures draw you in?  Do you find yourself pulled towards certain colors over and over again?  Go to your local hardware store and collect paint chips in colors that speak to you.  Do they look good together?  Figure out a color scheme that works for you based on your favorite colors (and textures...check out fabric too).  Think about the mood you want to evoke.  Then go dress and decorate and create in "your" colors.  It will make you so happy.
2. Do you have a favorite product that is really nostalgic of a great time in your life?  Something small.  Like how chapstick medicated got me through school in the wintertime.  And how Noxema reminds me of junior high Summers.  Ivory soap & Johnson's pink baby lotion remind me of childhood.  Go buy that product right now.  Simply for the olfactory memory.  Dedicate a journal page to your old fave.
3. Create a working "good meals" page.  Do you find it hard to decide what to do for dinner?  It is such a chore for me to make that dang decision!  It really is something I dread.  Every time your family (or just you!) eats a great meal that you all love, & you feel good about, write it down in your journal.  Write down the details & the ingredients, the price, mark it as healthy or indulgent.  Then refer back to your list when you don't know what to eat.

Nite Nite everyone.

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