Sunday, November 7, 2010

day 7...

Today I am thankful for...
* beautiful weather ( though I wish it were cooler, you can't really complain about a sunny 70 degree day)
* puppy chew toys (my favorite are the all natural ones....carrots and apples!)
* knowing how to knit
* a body that gets me where I want to go
* tennis shoes & ponytails

2 long prompts--
1. List the people that you are jealous of.  Review your list.  What qualities to they posses that has gotten them what you want?  Befriend these people.  Get them to tell you their secrets for success.  Try to turn jealousy into admiration.  Realize that these people have problems too ( maybe even more than you have).  Do they make sacrifices in their lives that you aren't willing to?  Maybe they make a lot of money, but they are never home with their family.  Maybe their health suffers because they work so hard that they forget to take care of themselves.  Maybe they go to all the cool events & shows, but never deeply connect with any of their friends.  Think really hard about it.  Do you really want what they have?  Is it worth it?  If it is, start copying their habits; if not, pat yourself on the back for getting over negative feelings.  It really does feel better to look at the whole picture.  You don't have to feel bad every time you're around that person.  It feels so much better to release those feelings and move on.  Carrying around those feelings just leads to poor self esteem, depression, and a slew of health problems, failed relationships, etc.  Stop keeping up with the Jonses!
2. Be a kid for a day.  Remember how it feels to have fun without worry.  How it feels to dream, and how much you want to play & learn & do.  How you get so excited you don't want to sleep because you can't stand the thought of missing out on anything.  What kinds of fun things did you do as a kid that you don't do anymore?  Go to the park, watch cartoons, eat grilled cheese, drink chocolate milk, take a bubble bath & play with bath crayons, play in the sandbox....It's fall....Rake a big pile of leaves & jump in!  Roll down a big hill.  Race your friends, tickle & wrestle someone, play a practical joke,  take a nap in the middle of the day, go down a water slide, swing, go bowling or roller skating, play a video game, make friendship bracelets, take off your shoes and walk barefoot, lay on the ground and watch the clouds or stars, jump on a trampoline.....PLAY.

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