Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chronicle Books :: Celebrate the Haul-idays with Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books :: Celebrate the Haul-idays with Chronicle Books

Good morning blog readers!!  Today I have something really wonderful to share with you.  You love Chronicle Books right?!  Well, I found out through following them on Twitter that they are doing something called Happy Haul-idays.  Basically what it is, is that bloggers can post about their ultimate Chronicle Books wishlist (worth up to $500), and every time readers comment on it, both the blog reader (you) and the blog owner (me) get a chance to win all the books on the list!!!  I have been spending my Sunday morning browsing their website, creating a wishlist.  Here is a link for you to view my choices:,wishlist/code,etmtmz9f/  

If you like what you see, leave me a comment and you will be entered into the contest as well!  Yay!!!

Happy Haul-idays everyone!!!!!


LunieBin said...

Hey Nicole,

I just wanted to tell you that your class is wonderful..I love your prompts....You are a natural at the whole class thing....Have you been art journaling a lot....I am totally obsessed with it.......It is cheap

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Thanks for posting this :D

Shooting Stars Mag said...

what a cute collection!!

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