Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 14...

Today I am thankful for...
* getting to go on my rooftop to keep my boyfriend company while he cleaned out the fun!
* the boyfriend making dinner again.  What has gotten into him?!
* making journals.  Starting to anyway.
* peach pie & milk for breakfast.
* the day off!

- close your eyes.  Slow your breathing.  Listen to what is going on around you.  Notice the noise level.  Don't let your mind drift, ....just experience the moment.  Make as many observations as you can.  Now journal your experience.
- they say that if you spend enough time thinking about what you want to dream about that you'll have a good chance of actually dreaming what you wish.  What do you want to dream about?  Think about a lovely dream....journal it.  Make it pretty of course.  Then meditate about it maybe while focusing on your page before you go to bed.  See what happens!!
- Set aside time before you journal to cut scraps of paper down to size.  Make your embellishments and borders ahead of time.  Think about the colors you want to use and set them aside.  Dig out your materials now.  Prep your page(s) with gesso and/or paint.  Now all you have to do when you actually sit down to journal is journal.  How refreshing.  I also like to keep a paper grocery bag nearby for scraps and trash.  I like it because you can just toss the whole thing in the trash when you are done.  Journal cleanup is such a drag.  It's also nice to work on something spread out (a trash bag, or newspapers, or an old quilt) ....just shake it in the trash and toss it or wash it when you're done.  I know this one isn't really a prompt, but these are useful tips right??
- What was your favorite childhood cartoon?  Do you have a picture of yourself watching it as a child (even a pic of you watching tv while young will work).  Use the color scheme of the show in your page.  Love the smurfs? Think blue and white.....mushrooms.  Had a thing for Strawberry Shortcake?  Red, pink, and a lot of strawberries.  You get the idea.  Can you find stickers of your favorite retro show?  Think about what drew you in to watching it.....was it the colors, the songs, the stories?  If you watched the show today would you still like it?  I think this is a really fun prompt....I loved all my favorite childhood shows!!

I'm gonna go check out some gingerbread houses for my next post.....exciting!  Thanks to everyone who posted a comment on my Chronicle Books post.  If you haven't, scroll down for details on your chance to win $500 worth of books!!

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