Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 13...

Today I am thankful for:
* Milton and Arianne
* cute puppies ( I'm still in love)
* sweet potato fries
* Gabriel Iglesias
* "monster high coffin" in google search/ blogs brings up my blog as the #6 listing!!

- grab a random notebook.  Write 3 pages of whatever pops into your thoughts.  Anything.  Everything.  Don't think about it.......just write.  Now, read what you wrote.  Does anything stand out to you?  Journal it.
- base your page around a photo.  Pull your color choices from colors you see in the picture.
- Write down everything that you are thankful for regarding yourself.  Do you have strong legs? A great smile?  Perfect vision?  Shiny hair?  Cute toes?  Hopefully this page will make you feel better about yourself.  We are surrounded constantly with negative thoughts.  I usually feel so down on myself thinking about what I can improve.  I think we should flip it.  Loving yourself feels so much better!

Nite nite pals.

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