Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day 23

Today I am thankful for:
* sparkly frost
* better moods
* caffeine
* organic whole milk
* dark chocolate

- use magazine pages as inspiration...they can inspire a color scheme, a mood, you could write right on the page, cut out pictures-words-trims....
- splurge.  buy those supplies you've been eying.  really think about your spending habbits.....do you really want those new jeans, or would that journaling class or instax camera be a more meaningful investment?  if you don't have any money, like me.....re-think journal supplies.  I am looking around everywhere for them.  I see receipts, tickets, packaging, old books, nail polish as art supplies now.  I use my old paints and the stacks of paper I already have.  Have fun.....stop waiting.......just create!
- write your new years resolutions
- write a list of the things you want to accomplish in the new year
- imagine 2012.....what if something crazy actually happens??  are you living your life in the most meaningful way possible?  journal about what makes your life fulfilling.  are you truly happy?  do you have hobbies, are you kind to people, are you producing quality, helping, inspiring, loving???  list some simple changes that you can do to make you look back on this time in your life with no regrets.
- how well do you know your town?  take a few minutes to list some restaurants, shops, and other places you haven't been to but would like to visit.  plan a staycation in your hometown!!!

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Anonymous said...

loving this blog more and more every day